"BLOODY WATERS" - 10x8" Original Oil Painting

\"BLOODY WATERS\" - 10x8\" Original Oil Painting


This dark original oil painting is titled "Bloody Waters" and is 10x8". The painting is of the Tower of London (England). I decided to paint it at night, because quite frankly the castle doesn't deserve a pretty daytime scene. The more I read about the atrocities committed there, the more proud I am to be an American of German Lutheran descent (although had my ancestors not defected, I could see myself as having been a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth I).

I have great empathy for Ann Boleyn in particular, as cannot imagine the immense pressure to have male babies back then. I have infertility problems myself and can't even carry a healthy girl fetus, much less a boy. Like Ann and her daughter, I don't believe in priests; I can read for myself. I'm grateful to Ann's legacy and thought of her lonely, tragic river crossing while painting "Bloody Waters".

The 10x8" stretched canvas is unframed and ships via US Post Office First Class Mail with tracking. *NOTE -If you would like this framed, please contact me for a UPS shipping quote

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