"JAGUAR" - 14x11" Original Watercolor Painting

\"JAGUAR\" - 14x11\" Original Watercolor Painting


This animal illustration watercolor painting is just titled "Jaguar 1".

The painting is 14x11" and ready to be framed in any standard matted photo frame. It is a rendering in classing Plant and Animal Illustration Watercolor style from a subject at the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. As referenced on the zoo website - here is information on the Jaguar:


Latin Name Panthera onca

Class Mammals

Order Carnivora

Description The largest South American cat, male jaguars weigh as much as 260 pounds. Both sexes have broad heads, powerful chests and short, strong legs.


I don't have any information on this particular guy. He was pacing considerably around this fallen tree and I couldn't help but feel sorry that the enclosure wasn't much bigger like the Lion and Tiger got. It seems like a big cat like this should be able to run a bit. I hope they enlarge the habitat.

My watercolors provide a very affordable means for folks to collect original Art de Joie work. enJOY! The painting is on 140lb cold press watercolor paper and ships unframed via USPS. A sample standad 11x14 frame and mat is shown.

Copyright Joy Appenzeller Bauer, 2014.

*Note - As an artist, I started out doing watercolor animal portraits (horses and dogs). I am doing some plant and animal illustrations now as kind of a creative break. While I don't take commissions based on somebody else's photography, I am definitely open to requests if the animal you want captured resides at either the Lincoln Park or Brookfield Zoo (Chicago).

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