"Galerie Des Glaces" - 18x12" Paper Print

\"Galerie Des Glaces\" - 18x12\" Paper Print


This painting is of the famous Hall of Mirrors at Versailles (Paris, France). It is titled Galerie des Glaces. I added in some Louis XVI figures as when I visited in 2013 really appreciated how well maintained the palace was and how very little was altered so I felt transported myself and just marveled at the Baroque detail. If you do visit, be sure to have quiche and coffee at the cafe shortly after the Hall of Mirrors portion of the tour.

The ornate original painting is 36 x24" and took me nearly 3 months to complete and was on display at the Skokie Public Library in November. After the show, I reworked it a bit again to simplify the foreground.

I normally frame my sample 18x12" prints in a standard 24x18" frame with custom mat in a color that best complements the art (in this case ivory or a lavender grey would be nice). Your neighborhood Hobby Lobby or Michaels can do this for you and they both carry this size frame if you don't want to go to a specialty framer. Typically, they will leave 1/4" around the top and sides and 3/4" on the bottom.

"Galerie des Glaces" is now available as a 18x12" giclee print. Giclée printing is currently the highest quality standard for printing single or limited edition prints on paper or canvas. The term "giclée" (pronounced "ZHEE-CLAY") is a French word meaning "to spray." Giclée prints are created by spraying millions of droplets of ink onto your choice of fine art substrates.

Unlike lithographs and serigraphs, giclée prints have undergone extensive third party fade testing. While the predicted display life depends on many variables, giclée prints made with wide-gamut pigmented inks are estimated to last over 80 years without noticeable fade.

High grade, smooth finish paper is used for prints, picking up all the detail of the original canvas. Only 100 are produced in this series. Each paper print is signed by me in pencil in the lower left-hand corner with title in middle and edition number in the right. My limited edition prints are imaged and printed by Osio Brown Editions.

About Osio Brown: Osio-Brown Editions is a privately owned giclee printing company founded in 2003 that services the fine art and photography markets. We have gained international recognition with featured articles about our services in Digital Ouput Magazine, Digital Photo Pro Magazine and on the Oprah show. Osio-Brown Editions is one of the original giclee printing studios in the Chicago area and is a preeminent force in the fine art giclee printing industry. Our client list extends throughout the United States, Central & South America and Europe.

Copyright Joy Appenzeller Bauer, 2014.

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