Paintings from the United States- Hiking La Jolla

Hiking La Jolla

"Hiking La Jolla"
La Jolla, California
40 X 30"


Story Behind the Painting

I’ve travelled quite a bit Internationally, but I’ll have to say La Jolla is still my favorite place and where I think my ashes will one day be deposited. My grandmother, Lila Appenzeller was a Southern California artist. I felt her presence guiding me as I painted these. I hope she is looking down on me without disappointment.

Like many artists, I do my best work when broken hearted. I visited La Jolla again this Spring to attend my cousin’s wedding. I had just suffered yet another miscarriage and failed romance. I believe the world balances out though – for every loss there is a gain. In my case, my artistic skill improves. For the most part I was happy to paint these canvases – a lot of sangria with Gypsy Kings and Santana playing in the background. La Jolla is a very sultry place.