Paintings from Chicago - Anticipation


Chicago, Illinois


Story Behind the Painting

This scene is of Soldier Field about 2 hours before a noon kick-off. My husband is the biggest BEARS fan I know and finally decided to take his son, Miles Jr. (aka the Skipper), to a game for his 10th birthday. They were so worked up with anticipation for the big day, that we got there pretty much before anyone else and watched both the Detroit Lions and the BEARS warm up. It was especially fun to watch Robbie Gould practice his field goals.

Like "CUBbyhole", I wanted this painting to be more about the place and less about the sport or team. I kept BEARS branding to a minimum and had a hard time deciding which jersey to have Skipper wear. Although we as a family we are fans of several players (Tommy Harris, Matt Forte, Lance Briggs, etc.) - I decided to go with Devin Hester (Wide Receiver) for this painting as he'd been Skipper's favorite the longest. Although after meeting Greg Olsen and his wife the very next day, I'm thinking I will do another Soldier Field painting soon and be sure to feature #82 somehow. Go BEARS!

*Note that this painting is on exhibit at the National Art Museum of Sport (Indianapolis) from Nov - April, 2011. Please vist the NAMOS site for more information.