Paintings from Chicago - Blue Period

Blue Period

"Blue Period"
Bucktown - Chicago, Illinois


Story Behind the Painting

This is a scene from the NW Metra commuter train. I'm calling this piece "Blue Period", because of a few things. One, it is of the period looking out the window of the train when all you see is the not so attractive and touristy outskirts of the city before entering downtown Chicago. Two, it's of Winter which always makes me melancholy anyway (I'm a Summer person). Three, the color scheme reminds me of one of my favorite paintings - "The Guitarist" from Picasso which by the way is owned by The Art Institute of Chicago. And Four, I'm on the verge of turning 40 and am rather depressed and feeling like I have not accomplished enough with my life thus far. I've had several ladders (segments) in my life, but not too sure where the last one is going...