Paintings from Chicago - Millennial Skaters

Chicago painting of Millennium Park, Millennial Skaters

"Spring Scene"
Chicago, Illinois


Story Behind the Painting

When the weather in Chicago is below 20 degrees it can be deceptively sunny and bright out. This was one of those days in late December around 2:00 when the normally crowded skating rink in front of The Bean in Millennium Park was rather sparsely populated with chilly 20somethings most likely home on a college break.

*Note that this is my only painting of "Cloud Gate" AKA "The Bean", the iconic city sculpture by the artist, Anish Kapoor. In general I feel that is very easy to make a nice painting of someone else's art. In this case at least The Bean is off to the side as a backdrop to the skating rink and not the focal point. I wanted this to be more of a portrait of the McCormick Tribune Plaza and Ice Rink.