Paintings from the United States- All to Ourselves

All to Ourselves

"All to Ourselves", Barking Sands Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

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Original framed oil painting - $274.95


Story Behind the Painting

Barking Sands is the most beautiful, magical beach I have ever scene as it is not commercialized and has at least a mile of untouched sand. Barking Sans is apparently controlled by the US Navy and off the furthermost west coast of the island of Kauai. All you will find there is a rusty spigot, a hut, and maybe a few surfers. Access is apparently limited and you have to take a rustic red dirt road to get there - but so worth the visit if you are able. Be sure to bring your own drinks, towels, umbrellas, sunscreen, and snacks, as there's no cabana boy!