Paintings from the United States- Roadside Flowers

Roadside Flowers

"Roadside Flowers"
Albquerque, New Mexico

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Original Oil Painting - $374.95


Story Behind the Painting

This Southwestern oil painting is titled "Roadside Flowers" and is 14x11". The painting is from a pict I took on the way to a hike that didn't actually happen in Albuquerque, New Mexico from the side of an ordinary strip mall sidewalk in the morning. It was a rather crummy trip from relationship standpoint, so was happy to find a silver lining with my reference photography.

This painting is nearing hyper-realism and took about 4 sessions (days to complete) allowing the different layers to dry so that the white back-lit paint with more linseed oil could be applied. I especially love to apply more quality and effort to ordinary, humble scenes and make them just as luscious as something grand like the Versailles Palace.