Paintings from the United States- Stray Fox Hounds Return Home

Stray Foxhounds Return Home

"Stray Fox Hounds Return Home"
Wadsworth, Illinois
20 X 16"


Story Behind the Painting

This is the Mill Creek Hunt Club in Wadworth, Illinois. I have depicted two wayward hounds returning to the yard. In actuality, this wouldn't happen too often. Working Fox Hounds and Basset Hounds are tightly managed by the Whippers-In. I rode with a Whipper-In at Mill Creek in high school once as a member of the Bannockburn Pony Club. Mill Creek is special for me, because it is the hunt I was with when "blooded" - meaning we caught the fox. In those days, only about 1 out of a 100 outings actually ended in the fox being captured/killed. Many riders have never experienced this and therefore have never been blooded (your first time and you ceremonially get a smudge of the fox blood applied to your forehead).