Paintings from the Around the World - Aqua Turchese

Venice Painting, Acqua Turchese


"Acqua Turchese"
Venice, Italy


Story Behind the Painting

This painting is of the famous outer Venetian waterway, Canal Della Giudecca, looking out towards S. Giorgio Island from the view of the water bus. I titled it Acqua Turchese on account of the warm July waters. Don’t listen to the negative folks who say Venice is dirty, stinky, and not what it used to be. I was there last Summer (2012) and couldn’t have been more impressed with the architectural and natural landscape beauty. While maybe the food is not as good as in Milan, Florence, Bologna and elsewhere in Italy – if we are just talking about spectacular scenery – Venice is a must see/must place on the “Bucket List” especially for artists.

Although not on a romantic vacation which is probably the better way to enjoy the world’s most beautiful city – I did have a great time on a quick Sunday jaunt with friend and colleague while on official business in Milan (Venice is about a 3 hour or so train ride away assuming you successfully manage to get on one of the express trains).