Paintings from International Cities - Bloody Waters

Bloody Waters


"Bloody Waters"
London, England

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Original framed oil painting - $199.95


Story Behind the Painting

This dark original oil painting is titled "Bloody Waters" and is 10x8". The painting is of the Tower of London (England). I decided to paint it at night, because quite frankly the castle doesn't deserve a pretty daytime scene. The more I read about the atrocities committed there, the more proud I am to be an American of German Lutheran descent (although had my ancestors not defected, I could see myself as having been a loyal subject of Queen Elizabeth I).

I have great empathy for Ann Boleyn in particular, as cannot imagine the immense pressure to have male babies back then. I have infertility problems myself and can't even carry a healthy girl fetus, much less a boy. Like Ann and her daughter, I don't believe in priests; I can read for myself. I'm grateful to Ann's legacy and thought of her lonely, tragic river crossing while painting "Bloody Waters".