Paintings from the Around the World - Italian Laundry

Italian Laundry


"Italiah Laundry, Milan, Italy


Story Behind the Painting

This painting is from the S6 yellow line commuter train platform at Villapizonne in Milan. I was in Milan on business and took this train on my way into downtown from our hotel (Radisson Blu).

"Italian Laundry" has an extra meaning in this case - while in Italy for a week - my colleague (he's a Kiwi) and I got stuck paying two train fines. Apparently, the train conductors on both the local trams and the high speed cross-country trains really have no other purpose than to collect extra fees especially from travelers. Unlike other countries - if you don't have a ticket for the bus/tram - you pay a $25 Euro fee rather than just getting kicked off or paying a minor up charge. If you buy a Trenitalia ticket at a major train station from a kiosk - it fails to tell you in English that you also have to take the same ticket even if only 45 min old to a little yellow punch machine before boarding your train to "validate" it. WTF?

I absolutely love Italy and Italian culture/art- but can't say I'm a big fan of the train system.

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