Paintings from the Midwest- Dying Season

Dying Season

"Dying Season"
Crystal Lake, Illinois


Story Behind the Painting

This landscape painting titled "Dying Season" is of Crystal Lake (Illinois). This painting is a bit emotional for me. While I love Fall colors, I feel like a person in mourning. Every bright leaf on the ground symbolizes something or someone who has died. I start to mourn my favorite season, Summer, during the first few frosts - but really feel saddened in November when I know I won't even be able to walk freely outside much longer. I also think about how quickly the year is passing and how much I didn’t accomplish or achieve.

During the Summer, Crystal Lake is alive with kids playing on the beach, families barbequing, boat races, and couples enjoying the view from the benches/picnic tables. It's sad to see the loneliness set in when everyone has left.